CPAP Direct Melbourne is Australian owned and operated. We treat and support patients with obstructive sleep apnoea while offering the lowest prices.

CPAP Package ResMed S9 Automatic pressure (with humidifier, extended warranty and your choice of mask)

Retail Price: $2999

Our Price: $2149

Automatic pressure (with AHI* & humidifier)

ResMed S9 AutoSet

Retail Price: $2448

Our Price: $1799

F&P ICON+ Auto

Retail Price: $2295

Our Price: $1649
DeVilbiss Auto

Retail Price: $1395

Our Price: $999
Fixed pressure (with AHI* & humidifier)
ResMed S9 Elite

Retail Price: $1548

Our Price: $1199
F&P ICON+ Premo

Retail Price: $1495

Our Price: $1150
DeVilbiss Standard Plus

Retail Price: $1295

Our Price: $849
Travel options
Transcend P8 (14-16hr) Li battery

Retail Price: $450

Our Price: $400
Transcend Solar Charger

Retail Price: $400

Our Price: $350
ResMed S9 (20-24hr) Li battery

Retail Price: $568

Our Price: $495
Transcend CPAP with P8 (14-16hr) Li battery

Retail Price: $1280

Our Price: $900
Transcend EZEX with P8 (14-16hr) Li battery

Retail Price: $1480

Our Price: $1100
Transcend Auto with P8 (14-16hr) Li Battery

Retail Price: $1680

Our Price: $1300
ResMed S9 Elite with (20-24hr) Li battery

Retail Price: $1767

Our Price: $1449
ResMed S9 AutoSet with (20-24hr) Li battery

Retail Price: $2667

Our Price: $1899

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Why CPAP Direct Melbourne?

  • Hire and sales of CPAP machines and masks
  • Full service
  • Lowest prices
  • 12 months FREE support
  • Home sleep studies
  • We can deliver to your home or office

Client's Testimonials

Great service & the best prices for CPAP machines in Melbourne by far!

Tim from Aspendale 

Large selection of masks and machines at an affordable price. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The office was open on the weekend, which fit into my schedule very well!

Brian from Narre Warren 

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